March 2021 – Sarah Ziese

Sarah Ziese
The Fitzpatrick Group


“What you don’t know
Strategies for the Savvy Woman”

Sarah Ziese, with the Fitzpatrick Group, works hard to educate regular people just like us on how they can retire in the 0% tax bracket. With a background in education and financial advising, Sarah’s goal is financial education for all her clients. She believes that individuals have the right to fully understand how their money truly works and how taxes, fees, and market volatility can truly disrupt a financial plan without proper education and understanding.

Sarah works with both individuals and small businesses to create plans for both efficient savings and protection. Sarah is wife to husband Brian and mom to two littles—Presley, age 4, and brand-new baby Connor. She grew up in San Antonio and graduated from Texas A&M University. After a 10-year career in education, she made the transition into financial services. When starting out, she realized how many questions were left unanswered and plans built with inflated projections. That is when she joined the Fitzpatrick Group whose main mission is to disrupt the financial services industry by mathematically breaking down traditional methods of planning, putting the clients first, and educating the public so that they can make the very best financial decisions for their businesses and their families.When you are ready to learn the truth about your portfolio, give Sarah a call! She cannot wait to share with you some powerful math and education so you and your family can achieve your financial goals more efficiently!

Three Take-A-Ways:

  • Learn how taxes, fees, and volatility affect retirement income.
  • How to be better prepared for your financial future. 
  • You will gain more knowledge on how to take control of all your finances, so you have the confidence to make the best financial decisions for your business and family.