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March 2019 – Terra Bohlmann

March Speaker Terra Bohlmann
Speaker:  Terra Bohlmann
"Create Your Signature Offer to Sell More in Less Time"

Ready to simplify your business? Terra Bohlmann will guide you through how to create your own signature offer system so you can sell more in less time. When you focus on selling the one best thing you have for the perfect customer you want to work with, your business becomes easier. Let's get you working smarter...not harder.

What you will walk away with:

- Determine why knowing your Perfect Customer Profile helps you save time, money and stress

- Learn the Clarity-to-Cash Strategy that helps you determine what your perfect customers want from you

- Understand why having a Signature Offer in your business makes you a lead magnet

- Fill-in-the-blank worksheet that allows you to create a Signature Offer that sells over and over again (no matter what you sell)